1979 Camaro Z28 Project: Part 1

I had a three year goal with this car when I first bought it in 2010. It had since turned in to a much longer project as it is not complete done yet. It is close and having my builder finish it off for me.

Build/Parts List

2011 Purchase NJ Camaro

I wanted to build a pro-touring style Camaro but from a generation that wasn’t a typical build. I bought this 1979 Z28 on eBay from NJ. In hindsight being 20/20 I would have saved myself time and maybe money if I purchase a CA or AZ car. Initially it didn’t look like it had much rush other than surface. Once it was media blasted the can of worms was opened. I repaired as much as I could but when it got extensive i.e. torque boxes then I decided to give it to bent metal for repair and roll cage. After this than I took it back to finish up, well at least that was the plan.

2011 Tear Down

Started tear down in my garage. Once it is completely torn down and repairs to rust made it will end up on a rotisserie. A bit worse than I thought.

Up on the rotisserie it goes. I bought an AutoTwirler Plus used and worked awesome. I recommend a rotisserie if you plan on going to this extreme. It makes things much easier to get to.

At this point after realizing how much rust there was I decided to send it to BentMetal Customs to get rust repaired. While it was there I had them build a pro-touring roll cage for her.

Getting roll cage built as well as getting primed after rust repair and back home for me to do suspension work. I also decided to spray underneath and engine bay with Raptor truck liner. This is something that SpeedTech Performance has done for their builds.

More to come, stay tuned, Part 2 is coming she’s come a long way since these pictures.

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